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Case Studies

Case Studies

Protecting the Public Interest Protecting the Public Interest
The UK Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) tackles climate change, ensures food safety, and oversees the farming and fishery sectors. Its information management requirements are complex and, as with all public sector organisations, it is constantly seeking to maximise value for money. pdf Aflaţi mai multe >

Assuring Better Customer Service Assuring Better Customer Service
Swiss Life decided to outsource the storage of its vast quantities of paperwork to Iron Mountain. "Firstly, as with other insurance companies, keeping files is not one of our core skills or processes, says Thomas Hbner, Head of Applications Management at Swiss Life... pdf Aflaţi mai multe >

Providing Access to 150 Years of Wills Providing Access to 150 Years of Wills
Imagine the reading of a last will and testament. The cinema-fuelled image that springs to mind is of crusty friends and relations in a solicitors stuffy wood-panelled office. Surrounded by piles of paperwork and shelves of aged books, theyre itching to discover what share of the dear departeds estate has come their way. pdf Aflaţi mai multe >

Publisher Transforms Storage Architecture Publisher Transforms Storage Architecture
As in many large organisations, McGraw-Hill Education Europe had historically adopted a data centre-focused IT strategy. In terms of user data backups its people were expected to save local copies of their files on disks or other media. Even when the more conscientious ones had taken the trouble to backup their data this approach led to problems... pdf Aflaţi mai multe >

Department of Trade and Industry Department of Trade and Industry
The department of trade and industry partners with Iron Mountain to reduce miners’ compensation claim times and to outsource the facilities management of a non core activity. The UKs coal industry employed over 1.1 million miners, in 970 deep mines at its height. pdf Aflaţi mai multe >

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